Worker Writes

Worker Writes
What? Our construction workers write poetry? Yes, and some are published writers with degrees! Search the Internet for the winning poems from the 1st and 2nd Migrant Workers Poetry Competition and share your favourite poem. Tell us why you like it!

O Firefly!
Have you also engaged
your daughter to be wed?
Does the fear of dowry
burn in your belly too as fire?
I fell, not knowing how to walk,
you would pick me up
when you fell, unable to walk
I pushed you
away. Regards, the
modern, (un)civilized family
A peculiar disease.
The world’s deadliest afflictions
cancer, AIDS, ebola,
even love
kill by their presence.
Money alone
kills by absence.
(N Rengarajan)

This is my favourite poem out of all the ones I’ve seen. This is just really well written and how it talks about realistic situations in our current society that we are in right now.About how money can cause us to lose things that we love. The poem said money is a disease, which is not entirely wrong. It also talks about we can be disloyal to the ones that raised us.I really liked how it have a really strong message put into a few words.

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