Global Voices

Global Voices
The world is talking, are you listening? Global Voices ( curates compelling citizen media stories from around the world (it’s like STOMP for social change, but a lot more credible!). Pick one story that calls out to you from Global Voices or Rising Voices ( and tell us why.

This article talks about a russian professional ice-staker performing and dressed up as a character in an anime called Sailor Moon.Japanese fans are hearts have been stolen by this Russian figure skater who cosplayed in an performance. There is a short video showing her ‘tranformation’ during her performance.


This article has caught my eyes as I am always a big fan of the ‘Otaku’ culture that Japan has created. After reading this article, I have a realised that the Otaku culture have spread to other countries in the world. This really intrigue me as it shows that people who have different backgrounds and cultivation can bond together as one, liking the same thing together. This really shows that races,religions,skin colours. None of that really matter as long as people enjoy doing and having the same interest. I myself was able to make new friends from other countries due to them having to like the same anime as I do. This could have never happened to me if it weren’t for this special culture I hold so dear to.

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