Made in Singapore

Made in Singapore

Do you know that the first ‘iPod’ was made by Creative Technology – and one of the world’s biggest online dating sites was created by a Singaporean? What other awesome local inventions have rocked the world (e.g. in defence, medicine, design, technology, etc.)? Share with us your favourite Singapore invention – and tell us what you would create if you were an inventor!

Singapore created one of the most iconic shows called Ah boys to men. It is about a bunch of teens enlisting for NS and experience in it.There are currently 3 films in the series of Ah Boys to men.It is one of the top-grossing film made in Singapore. The resemblance and comedy made this show a success. I think this show is one of my favourite Singapore’s creation. The show take place in Singapore and used local Singaporeans to act for the film.I think the creators and the viewers, including myself, enjoyed it.

If I was a inventor I would like to create a machine that could clear the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Therefore, I would not melt in Singapore every single day.It would create a better environment not only for me but for others as well. Not only does humans benefit from such a machine, Animal and plants could too.Fruits like strawberry grows at the temperature of 26 degree celcius, however due to the rise in temperature due to greenhouse gases, the average temperature have risen. Thus many plants are unable to grow at this rate. Not only plants are affected, Polar bears are losing their home due to the increase in temperature. Many icebergs are melting, thus lesser land for polar bears.

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