Game Time!

Game Time!

There are many interesting magazines/journals and board games in both SP libraries (e.g. Earthopoly, Dividends, Resiliency Bingo, etc.). Select one and read/play it (with your friends). Afterwards, review this magazine/game on your blog, persuading/dissuading us to read/play it based on what you think citizenry is about


I have once overstayed at my friends house not long ago. We were bored and had nothing to do in the middle of the night. My friend then decided to take out board games from his cabinet. We ended up choosing monopoly deal. We actually had a lot of fun playing that game. It was my first time playing it. The rules are simple to learn and can be replayed a lot of times. The gameplay is short and every match is different from the others.I recommend this game and it is best played with four people. The cost of one deck is not costly at all and it should be a classic pick when there are a groups of four.

Another game that I’d recommend is a good old chess! It is the epitome of board games. When you think of board games, one of the first few games you think of will be chess. The chess is world-wide known and it there are even people who are taking extra miles to be professional in it.This shows us how a simple board game can become such a huge deal. Other than going serious, we can always play a casual games with our peers and family. The experience will be enhanced when there are snacks and drinks while playing it.I’d highly recommend this as I myself do enjoy playing it with others.


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