Heritage Trail(Singapore River)



Firstly,I would like to state that I am proud to be a Singapore citizen and being at the Singapore river just reinforced this statement.

I would like to talk about the history. In the past, due to heavy traffic on the Singapore River due to urbanisation . At the same time, it brought in water pollution caused by the disposal of garbage and other by-products of industries located along the river’s banks.Lee Kuan Yew called for a clean up of Singapore’s rivers, which included Singapore River and Kallang River. The clean up costed a whopping  $170 million.


I thought a normal a normal reflection will be monotonous. So I brought along a Jellofish with me on the Heritage trail to Singapore River and to guide us through it together!I have taken over a 100 pictures of the trip I had and I enjoyed every single minute of it.



Moving along to the actual reflection!

First thing that caught my attention was a metallic structure in the far distance. It intrigued me as my curiosity rose. I looked at the scenery around me and it filled me with excitement as I have never been to such a place in Singapore.


There weren’t any railings to prevent you from falling into the river, you could sit at the edge of the path way dangling  your legs above the river.It was fascinating how they have developed it compared to the old Singapore River. It is the same old area but much well-developed. I remembered our lessons about Lee Kuan Yew’s decision on cleaning up our river when it was in such a tragic condition.

As I walked along the side of the river, I saw many things that I have never thought of before. I saw tables and chairs right along the river. I saw people having their food on the boat that was in the water. I saw multiple bars and restaurant, opened for business. It kept me thinking that this one river brought many customers. I even saw multiple tourists walking around.Some from Korea , America ,Britain ,China and many more. This one place could bring this many people together to admire this area.

It took me awhile before I have finally get to know what was the metallic structure I saw at the start of the trail. It was a pair of metallic stand strapped with a ball in the middle, just like a slingshot.It is called a leftG-MAX reverse bungee.I was amazed that there was such a recreation here. I asked the person if I could take a picture for my schoolwork and I was granted permission.


Up close shot of the leftG-MAX reverse bungee
Spectacular sight of the recreation.
Up close shot of the leftG-MAX reverse bungee

I decided to walk further as I was enjoying my moment exploring along the Singapore River.I then came across this!20160719_174222

It was an underpass with graffiti/paintings on the wall.With a painting, comes with a label stating the title and it’s description.


It was really interesting to look and spectate the paintings. The descriptions was really cool too.

After walking in the underpass, thoughts of facts and history of the Singapore River keep refreshing in my mind.I thought of what will happened if Lee Kuan Yew did not make the decision of cleaning up the river.Singapore will have one less thing to be proud of. I am thankful of Lee Kuan Yew’s foresight and his leadership to plan for the future of Singapore.


When I came out of the underpass, I was really blown away. I never knew that the Parliament House was just right beside the Singapore River. I was extremely shocked to see such an important and well-known place was located here. I was pretty happy as I learned something without the help of the textbook. I think it would be more memorable than learning this from a book too.


Fun fact! you could see Marina Bay Sands from here! It’s a cool sight honestly. The sights are pretty breath-taking. The atmosphere is different from home too.


I saw this bus and I immediately thought of how awesome this area is. It is an actual tourist attraction. There are even services for sightseeing bus tours and boat tours in the Singapore River.If it weren’t for Lee Kuan Yew, we would not have such a sight to behold. 


It wasn’t long before I had to leave. I was slightly hesitant but nonetheless remembered that Singapore is a small city and getting back here would only take a hour or so. The time I spent at the Singapore River was definitely an unforgettable experience for me. Even when it the sun was at it’s peak and the scorching heat was melting me, I had fun. I felt as if I was a tourist myself. People gave me weird looks when I sat down on the floor just to take a good shot of the scenery. It was something that I would not have done if it was not for this trail. And again I have to re-emphasise this again. If our government did not plan ahead of time and think about Singapore’s future, we would not have this many tourists visiting our homeland. I am blessed to be a Singaporean. I will end this off with one of my best picture I took. Thank you for having your time to read this!20160719_175309


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