Week 2

I would want to be a father that allows my children to have freedom. I will allow them to make decisions at an early age. This is to make them independent. In hopes for them to find their own uniqueness. I would try to raise them to be true to themselves, rather than to follow the trends and the ‘norms’. Expressing themselves truly without a hint of doubt is something many cannot do.Due to social pressure, many are unable to be honest to themselves.

I would like to raise my children to be hard-working and kind. They do not have to score good results. As long as they show me their effort. They should be kind and patient to even those they dislike.

Next, I would want them to work as soon as possible. Partly from what I had experienced. I want them to be able to adapt to society,added bonuses are that they get to learn new job and communication skills. They should know the importance and the value of money. I’ve seen many people my age spending money without a second thought. I want them to feel the toughness of balancing school and work. A famous quote “Only when you step out of your comfort zone,is then you will find success”.

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