What do I like and dislike most about Singapore? Do I possess any of these positive/negative characteristics?

Week 5


Singaporean are certainly unique in many ways. One of the most noticeable fact is the ability to speak two languages. This create more job opportunities for us and allows us to communicate to people who are in different races. However, this cannot be all positive as this is also a cause of our Singlish. We have the tendency to mix multiple languages into one sentences. This makes us sound unprofessional and people might be unable to take us seriously. This definitely does not apply to every Singaporeans but surely affects majority of Singaporeans.

I do possess Singlish as I am a Singapore citizen. I think it is a way of showing Singaporeans uniqueness and make us more outstanding.However, being able to change our way of ‘English’ to proper English is surely a difficult task.Why? It is because of the multiple languages we have.Languages have different words and sentence structure that can confuse us speakers.

We also have a common trait.’Kiasuism’ To being with, why are we always so eager to be first? It is because of how we are train to become. With the rapid increase in economy, the competition in the market rises as rapidly. We Singaporeans have to improve ourselves to stay afloat in this hectic sea of the economics. If we lack a little, we might lose our jobs and ‘drown’. Thus, we are always working our way up and always being competitive among one another. Creating a never ending cycle of struggling.

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