What are Singaporeans’ concerns? What are our migrants’ concerns? Can there be a happy marriage between these concerns?

Week 4


Empathy plays a big part between Singaporeans and migrants.From Singaporean side of view, they usually associate migrants as ‘job stealer’ which will reduce the chances of Singaporeans of getting jobs. However, many Locals do not put themselves in the migrants shoes. They did not think of the reason why migrants are coming to Singapore. The reasons could be that their previous country is not as good as Singapore. It could also be the country being unfair and treats their citizens poorly. We should always see the situation in both spectrum before we make evaluations and assumption. Being self-centred is not a way to go as it creates a hostile world. The migrants themselves know that they should not be in the country that they migrate to. We should not add extra hatredness towards these migrants.

This topic can be controversial but I am going to take a stand on welcoming the migrants. Rather than seeing them as people who reduce job opportunities from locals,we  should view this as a positive manner as to upgrade ourselves to prevent them from overtaking us.This improves our ability and increase the economy in Singapore. One stone kills two bird!

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