Speak to someone who knows you for at least five years.How do they ‘identify’ you? Your thoughts?

Week 1

I have spoken to many people throughout the 17 years of living. One of these many who known me since primary school is my best pal.He have always labelled me as ‘weird’ and an ‘anomalous person’. Knowing that I’m an introverted and socially-awkward fellow, he contradicted himself saying I’m out-going.Which does not make any sense due to my nature.He said my actions are never normal.I don’t think being myself is a bad thing. Even being introverted, I have come to realised after attempting futile attempts of being out-going with people I just met is not my style. I have to take my time to warm up to people.As for being weird, I think it’s totally cool to be weird. It give the world a little more colour. Just imagine, everyone having the same personality, group works will be boring, making friends will not be the same either. For example, if everyone is an introvert, who will do the initiation of a conversation? Overall, I think being myself is perfectly fine. No matter how people judge or has impressions does not affect anything. My best friend did add negative labels on me too. ‘Sloth’, ‘Glutton’ and ‘Lust’. Three of the seven deadly sins. I’m always for cash since I don’t have enough and so that I can eat more. However! Sloth prevents me from working . Even so, I am a glutton who eats a lot, who’s just trying to survive with a fixed allowances. I personally don’t think my greedy though, I rarely buy luxurious things for myself, in addition to that, I value money. Aside from digressing, I think this can lead to your second question ‘What adjustments can I make in my daily life to be a better local, regional or global citizen?’. To answer that, I think I will have to work on my laziness. I think one of the daily things I can change is waking up earlier, including weekends. This way I will be less lazy..I think.. and a slight bonus of having more time to do stuff. To end this off, I think a animal that suits me will be my zodiac animal. Which is the rabbit! I cannot NOT do nothing. Rabbits are always fast-paced. Well, At least that I think of them.

Alright, That concludes my reflection for this week.

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